Nine13sports 2020 Residual Grant Final Report

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Nine13sports provided their final report as to how they used the $26,500 Residual Grant in July 2020.

1. How did the unrestricted fund strengthen your organization?

These funds came at an incredible time for Nine13sports as we were making the capital investment of a brand-new classroom located in our headquarter facility in the Near Northwest neighborhoods. The grant ensured that we would be able to procure necessary equipment that will allow future flexibility to utilize the space for several different programs. Especially during a year in which uncertainty was plentiful, we anticipated having to scale back some of the goals we had in mind for this physical space and were delighted to be able to instead utilize the generous support of Impact100 to properly finish classroom construction.

2. Describe the specific successes achieve das a result of receiving the unrestricted funds from Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis.

This classroom space will open January 2021 and allow us to expand existing programs, create new programs, better engage with surrounding neighborhoods, and give us the flexibility in the midst of this pandemic to offer consistent programming to youth who so desperately need it. Upgrades to the space made possible by this grant will in the immediate allow for the social distancing necessary to provide safe program delivery and in the long term will allow us to serve larger groups of students once the pandemic is over.

We look forward to continuing to share the successes of this space as it launches and are excited to find ways to bring the members of Impact 100 into our facility for an event as conditions allow in 2021.

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