2023 Scholarship Members Announced

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2023 Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis Scholarship Recipients are listed here with their current employer and their dream philanthropic project:

  • Brittany Bayles is the Education Manager at Brightlane Learning (formerly School on Wheels). When asked about her dream philanthropic project, she described a program that would support the whole person for middle and high school students. The program would hlep them find their passions and build up their confidence in the areas of interest they want to pursue.
  • Samantha Rose Gutierrez is currently a student and ESL (English for Speakers of other Languages) in Indianapolis. Ensuring everyone has proper internet access would be her dream philanthropic project, supporting organizations providing affordable internet service and computers to families/individuals or providing public spaces where it is free and accessible.
  • Mia Kern is the Manager of Special Projects and Data at The Mind Trust. Mia feels that transportation is a major barrier for many individuals, limiting their access to school or work, critical healthcare, and social services. Her dream project is to start providing passes to qualifying individuals to be used without restrictions, and then advocate for the development of a railway system.
  • Taylor Morgan is the Advancement Manager at Brooke’s Place for Grieving Young People. Her dream philanthropic project would be to It would be to provide proper waste management for the whole country, including recycling, composting, and conservation education for everyone.
  • Dani Neal is the Director of Operations at The Mind Trust and has witnessed the first-hand the impact significant funding has on nonprofits. She sees burnout and employee attrition as a very real challenge in the nonprofit community, and her dream project would be to fund a retreat center where nonprofit workers are given the gift of rest and team building at low- or no-cost.
  • Shafali Pillay is a Senior Director of Global Project Management at Eli Lilly and the Board Chair of Paws & Think. Shafali applied for a scholarship membership to have the opportunity to learn and grow while having an impact on our community. Her dream project would be expanding Paws & Thinks’ dog therapy program to support mental health for underserved communities and provide skills-first training for underserved youth to provide them with job skills without 4-year college degree.

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