High Five to Central Indiana Nonprofits

Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis Outreach Opportunity

We have a section in our monthly newsletter to provide information on the difference $5 can make and how to make that contribution. to a Central Indiana Nonprofit. The featured nonprofit can also include a link to a wish list or other idea-generator and information on other volunteer or giving opportunities. 

If you are interested in having your nonprofit featured, please fill in the blanks below to provide us the initial information about your “High Five” opportunity. If your organization is selected to be featured in our newsletter, someone will email you to verify current information and details.

Nonprofit High Five Form

Use this form to capture information on a nonprofit to use in newsletter High Five articles.

  • Enter name of nonprofit organization
  • For the newsletter editor in case they have questions.
  • Optional: If there is an update on the program(s) and/or project(s) that received Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis grant monies (either as a Change Maker $100,000 winner and/or a Change Maker finalist receiving a lesser amount) provide it in 600 characters or less. The editor may choose to use this in a separate article or featured on our website.
  • The goal is to provide an idea for a $5 donation, such as shampoo or fast food gift cards, but you can add other ideas for volunteer or financial support. It doesn’t hurt to add information on regular programs. The newsletter edit will edit this information as needed.
  • If a link to your website wasn’t included in your High Five Information, please enter it here.
  • Optional: If your organization has a wish list page or document on your website, include the link here if it wasn’t included in your High Five Information.
  • Optional: Is there a special month or day each year that would be appropriate for your High Five?
  • Optional: If you have ideas for giving High Fives in our community not related to your organization, feel free to share them here. We don’t want to take away from your work, but nonprofit organizations are always a source for good ideas!