Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis is a charitable women’s giving circle dedicated to awarding high impact grants to nonprofits in our community. We seek to fund critical needs, new ventures, and innovative ways to solve social problems in order to create a more civil and respectful climate.

  • We seek to fund critical needs, new ventures, and innovative ways to solve social problems and to create a more civil and respectful climate in our community.
  • We believe that every member of our community should have access to a clean, safe environment, cultural enrichment, family services and quality education and healthcare.
  • We encourage all greater Indianapolis nonprofits with the vision and capacity to manage a gift of this size to apply.
  • Note: Impact 100 does not fund general operating needs. Grant requests must be Program or Project based.

Core Values

Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis approaches grant making with open minds and a belief that our commitment to our core values makes our giving circle stronger.

  • INTEGRITY We approach decision-making with open minds, respect for the ideas of others, and with fairness. We are ethical in our actions and accountable for them.
  • EXCELLENCE We strive for the highest possible outcomes in all our actions. We educate ourselves to ensure that we are employing “best practices” and that our decisions are made objectively.
  • THOUGHTFULNESS We value discussion and spend the necessary time to work through all decisions, giving consideration to all possible paths.
  • COLLABORATION We expect everyone to participate, and value the individual strengths that each member brings to the process. Once a consensus has been reached, we believe all members should fully embrace the decision.
  • HUMANITY We foster kindness and benevolence in our interactions and relationships. The humane consideration of every member of our community is at the heart of our philanthropic endeavor.
  • DIVERSITY, EQUITY, AND INCLUSION (DEI) We strive to be diverse, equitable, and inclusive in our leadership, membership, grantmaking, and community partners. We do not discriminate based on race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity/expression.

Our commitment to these principles makes our giving circle stronger.

Want to Know More About Our Grants?

Click to learn more in these areas:

  • Eligibility: Visit our Eligibility page to understand who and what projects are eligible to apply for an Impact 100 Change Maker Grant.
  • Process: We use a four-step grant application process led by volunteer Impact members. All grant requests must start with the first step, the submission of our Letter of Intent.
  • Timeline: Our grant calendar begins at the end of the year for the following year’s grants. We only accept grant requests following our process and timeline. Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis does not consider unsolicited grant requests.
  • Focus Areas: We focus on five areas of need in the Indianapolis area.

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