Recipient Report Templates

$100,000 Grant Recipient Reports

Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis requires that primary grant recipients receiving $100,000 submit periodic progress reports. Impact 100 Indianapolis emphasizes the use of evaluation to measure program progress and outcomes, promote learning from the experience, improve program performance and encourage grantees to build effective self-evaluation plans into their projects. Copies of the interim and final report templates can be downloaded using the following links:

Addendum to Grant Agreement

$100,000 Grant Interim Report Form

$100,000 Grant Final Report Form

Community Support Grant Recipient Reports

Community Support Grant recipients receive an equal division of the residual funds after the Change Maker Grant(s) are awarded. Community Support Grant recipients will receive a cover letter outlining the requirements of the receipt of funds, and once the letter is signed the nonprofit is given a check for the full amount of the grant on an unrestricted basis.

Community Support Grant recipients are not subject to the same reporting requirements as full grant recipients but must provide a written report identifying how the receipt of such funds strengthened the organization by December 31 of the year the grant was received. The format for this report can be downloaded from the following link.


Online Community Support Grant Report Form: This is currently in test mode and requires a password.