Impact 100 Logo

The Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis logo and the phrase “The Power of Women Giving as One” are registered trademarks of Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis.

The logo and phrase may be used without prior permission ONLY when used with referencing Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis. If unsure if the planned use would be within these guidelines, email us at with details of the planned use.

Neither the logo or the trademark phrase may be altered in any way, including changing the colors, without permission from Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis. Contact us at with details of the planned alterations and your request will be considered.

The logos are available in the several formats:

  • Color models
    • RGB best for electronic and digital use
    • CMYK best for print use
  • Color and B&W formats
  • File formats
    • PNG best for image resolution and keeping image sharg at all sizes
    • JPG best for faster uploading
  • The logo is also available in EPS, AI, PDF, and PSD formats upon request.

Logo files available:

Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis blue is:

  • #256498 In most software 
  • C 78%, M 41%, Y 0%, K 29% 
  • R 37, G 100, B 152

The contrast, or darker, blue is:

  • #003F70 In most software 
  • C 100%, M 52%, Y 0%, K 50% 
  • R 0, G 63, B 112

Fonts are Lexend for Headings, EB Garamond Semibold for Subheadings, and EB Garamond Regular for copy.