Impact 100 2016 Grant Announcement

Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis is pleased to announce that we will be giving away $151,000 this year, our eleventh year. As of June 2016, when the grant winners will be selected by our voting members, we will have given away a total of $1,753,000 since our founders started this giving circle in 2006. This is not a small amount, and every one of our members and those who have contributed to and supported our organization should be proud.

Here are the numbers for 2016:

  • Total Funds to be awarded: $151,000
  • Major grant award amount: $100,000 (awarded to the finalist receiving the most votes at the annual dinner on June 7th)
  • Residual grant award amount: $51,000 in unrestricted grants shared equally among the other finalists
  • Number of members (this includes women in shared memberships): 176
  • Number of shared memberships: 20 (consisting of 58 women)
  • Number of scholarship members: 10
  • Number of returning members: 133
  • Number of new members: 43
  • Total number of nonprofits receiving $100,000 or more to date: 12
  • Total number of nonprofits receiving residual grants to date: 35

From now through May, the Arts & Culture, Education, Environment, Family, and Health & Wellness Focus Area Committees will be busy reviewing and discussing the proposed projects and applications submitted to them by greater Indianapolis area nonprofits, followed by site visits and the selection of a finalist from each committee. Then those finalists will spend a few weeks planning their presentations to the full membership at our annual meeting on June 7. Those finalists who have made a presentation to our annual meeting will tell you it’s the most terrifying and energizing seven minutes of their lives. But the good news is that every nonprofit that makes it to the annual meeting is guaranteed at least $12,750.

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