COVID-19 and 2020 Impact 100 Activities

Important Update

All of us are in uncharted waters right now and we’re experiencing things we’ve only imagined. Information about COVID-19 is changing by the hour and we are making changes as needed to ensure the safety of our members and the community we serve.

  • We have postponed the due date for grant applications to April 2 to allow those nonprofits selected to submit a grant application more time to deal with their day-to-day issues without our deadline being a burden.
    Reminder: We only accept grant applications from those whose LOI was selected and these organizations were contacted in February. Unsolicited applications are destroyed without review.
  • Focus Area Committees (FACs) are contacting their committee members with updates on meeting dates/times and how to attend remotely as needed.
  • We have suspended social events through May 10, and all events after May 10 are to be considered tentative until the social distancing order has been lifted. You can keep updated on our events by here on our website or by sending an email to

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