Q&A with Cheryl Hughes, 2014 Chair of the Environment Committee

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Cheryl Hughes answers some questions about chairing the 2014 Environment Committee. If you are interested in joining the Environment Committee or one of the other Focus Area Committees for 2014 (Health and Wellness, Family, Education, and Arts and Culture), please contact Andi Cohen at joinus@impact100indy.org.

Cheryl Hughes

Environment Committee Chair: Cheryl Hughes
Email address: Cjhughes4182@comcast.net

2014 Meeting Location: Veritas Realty, 930 East 66th St., Indianapolis, IN 46220
2014 Meeting Dates and Times: 6 pm on Wednesday January 22, Wednesday February 12, and Wednesday April 9

Question: This is your first year chairing the Environment Focus Area Committee (last year you chaired the Health and Wellness Committee.) What are you most looking forward to about chairing the Environment committee?

Cheryl: I am looking forward, as always, to learning about the different not-for-profits in our city that are focused on the environment. Every committee I have participated in, I learn something new and interesting and meet many new ladies that truly care about our fine city and put their money where their mouth is by donating and participating. At the end of the day, what is more important than the environment’s impact on our own lives and for future generations.

Question: What were some of the highlights from last year’s Health and Wellness Committee meetings and site visits?

Cheryl: Last year’s Health and Wellness Committee was fun since I had not previously chaired a committee. I had the opportunity to visit not-for-profits that I knew nothing about. I am amazed by the wonderful people I came in contact with that have a philanthropic purpose in their life.

Question: What has been most surprising or interesting about being a Focus Area Chair?

Cheryl: The most fascinating part of chairing a committee is making everyone feel welcome, and that their input is valued. Once there is a safe place to speak their mind, women have great insight and wonderful hearts that come pouring out during discussions.

Question: Why should Impact 100 members consider participating in a Focus Area Committee?

Cheryl: I feel like it is critical for everyone to participate in a committee if possible. It gives you a “behind the scenes” view of a not-for-profit, their successes and their struggles. It gives you a chance to spend time with and get to know very interesting women that you might never have the chance to meet.

Question: What brought you to Impact 100?

Cheryl: My friend Amy Micon introduced me to Impact 100, and I will be forever grateful to her. I have been on the Board of Directors of not-for-profit companies before, and after a while I felt that I contributed much more in terms of money, and felt very undervalued. I never feel that way with this group.

Question: What would you tell someone who is thinking about becoming an Impact 100 member?

Cheryl: I would tell someone interested in participating in Impact 100 that participating in the process of gifting a significant gift to a company whose sole purpose is to benefit society, and Indianapolis in particular, is very meaningful. Let’s face it, all of the companies who apply for the grant do good work. And the winners have the ability to make a huge difference in many people’s lives. That is priceless!


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