Pecar Community Health Center Pharmacy: Following the Impact

On October 15, we held our first Follow the Impact event at the Wishard/Eskenazi Health Foundation Philip and Vivian Pecar Community Health Center. The Pecar Community Health Center was our very first Impact 100 grant recipient, receiving a $152,000 award in 2006. The grant enabled Pecar Health Center to complete construction of a pharmacy inside the health center, which is one of ten community health centers in the Wishard/Eskenazi system. Wishard/Eskenazi is one of the largest safety-net health systems in the country, providing one million outpatient visits each year. The addition of an onsite pharmacy greatly reduces the barriers that Health Center patients encountered when trying to obtain medicine. Its location makes it possible for patients with transportation and time issues to see a doctor and fill their prescriptions in one trip, making it more likely they will fill the prescription and stay healthy.

At the October 15 Follow the Impact event, those present were able to tour the pharmacy to see what the 2006 Impact 100 grant helped make possible. The pharmacist and pharmacy staff stayed after hours in order to meet with the Impact 100 women so they could express their appreciation. During the tour, we learned that since the pharmacy opened, they have served over 118,000 patients and filled over 280,000 prescriptions.

Please join us at our next Follow the Impact event on November 13, 5:30-7:30pm, at the location of our 2008 winner, Herron High School, 110 E. 16th St., Indianapolis. If you can’t be there, please do join us at one of our many other upcoming events.

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