Our Annual Giving Report–Why it’s important

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Each year we update our Annual Giving Report. This report provides all the information you expect to see in an organization’s annual report with an overview of the grants we have given since our first one in 2006.

You’ll find our most recent annual budget, along with information on our membership. It even has charts and graphs so you can quickly understand how the financial recession and changes in giving environment impacted both the number of members we had and the amount of money we granted.

You can also see the growth we’ve experienced after our tenth anniversary in 2015. That year our members, both old and new, helped us not only increase the grant pool but also embraced the idea of sharing our method of philanthropy to young women through a scholarship membership program.

But some people feel the most important component of the Giving Report is the information provided on our grant recipients. For each year we’ve given our grants, starting in 2006, the report provides full information on the $100,000+ grant recipients. It also provides the name of the organizations receiving our residual grants, which we started giving in 2009.

Many of our members use the Giving Report as a tool to help them explain to family and friends why they give through Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis. It makes it easy to explain why they feel they, and each Impact 100 member, are an important philanthropist in the Indianapolis area through The Power of Women Giving as One®!

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