Each One Bring One


2017 will be the twelfth anniversary of our first grants, and we have given away more than $1.75 million since our first grant was given in 2006.

In order to give away more money each year, we need to grow. We’ve set a goal is to have more members and give away more money in 2017 than in any of the previous years. To help us build our membership, we’re asking members to bring a guest (or two) to our events, summing it up as “Each one bring one.”

The list of events currently scheduled is in the right column of our website. Please put these dates on your calendar:

Some of our newer members may not be aware that the way Impact 100 has traditionally recruited new members is through small gatherings in members’ homes, offices, neighborhood association meetings, and social clubs. These small gatherings are perfect for giving prospective members a chance to ask questions in a small group and a more comfortable setting. If you are interested in hosting a small gathering, contact us at joinus@impact100indy.org. We’ll help you plan your gathering and will be there to introduce Impact 100 and the concept of a giving circle to your guests. We promise no arm twisting… just information.

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