Meet the 2024 Grant Recipients

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On June 11, 2024, we held the 19th Annual Awards Celebration. At this year’s celebration we granted $144,000 to Indianapolis-area nonprofit organizations. Since 2006, we have granted almost $3.2 million. Want to know more about Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis? Visit our website at

91 Place was the recipient of our $100,000 Change Maker Grant. 91 Place was the Health & Wellness Focus Area Committee Finalist. The organization serves homeless youth, ages 16-24, by providing transitional housing for up to 2 years using a comprehensive wellness strategy. The Change Maker Grant will fund The Creating Permanency in Transitional Housing project. This project is an urgent response to the pending sale of their flagship home, which houses 4 youth and 2 house mentors. The home’s owners are offering the property to 91 Place at a price far below its appraised value. This opportunity creates equity, avoids a costly and disruptive move and eliminates the necessity of finding another suitable house when few are on the market.

In addition to the Change Maker Grant, we awarded four Community Support Grants in the amount of $11,000 each to the following organizations.

Arts, Culture & Preservation Focus Area Finalist

Since 1989, iibada Dance Company has stood proudly as the only Children’s African and Modern Dance Company, creating a village serving, nurturing, and empowering the youth of Indianapolis. We answer the urgent and necessary call to cultivate a community-centric environment that empowers and exposes Indianapolis youth to opportunities that change the trajectory of their lives and the generations that follow. Through the Artsforce Development Project, we are on a mission to expand our reach of impact by nurturing talent and offering practical skills. The inaugural cohort offers mentorship through hands-on experiences in all aspects of the production process. 

Education Focus Area Finalist

Kids’ Voice of Indiana’s GAL/CASA Program advocates for all Marion County children involved in the child welfare system due to abuse/neglect, many living in foster care. Our GAL/CASA program includes a team of Educational Liaisons (EL) that address those children’s education-related needs. Support from an EL is critically important for children during this vulnerable time. Little Voices, Big Futures is an expansion of the EL Program that would allow us to serve preschool age children (ages 3-5) with a focus on 1) identifying learning needs through early assessment and 2) supporting families/caregivers in engaging preschoolers in early learning opportunities.

Environment & Animal Welfare Focus Area Finalist

Medical Mutts trains shelter dogs to alert their person to critical situations like glucose drops or seizures, empowering individuals with disabilities to lead safer lives. Take Amy, whose rescue dog Juniper gave her confidence to pursue dreams like attending Notre Dame. With Impact 100’s support, we aim to double our Mutt Mentor Foster program, increasing the quality and quantity of trained dogs while reducing costs. Our positive reinforcement methods foster compassion, benefiting dogs and mentors. Your gift will impact our mission by helping us to save more human and dog lives, empowering both to live with purpose and thrive together.

Family Focus Area Finalist

Coburn Place supports families facing domestic violence and homelessness. We offer two longer-term housing choices, both at no cost: a 35-unit building and rent support for survivors who choose to live directly in the community. In 2023, 74 families in this option lived across 15 zip codes. DV destroys the family unit. The two-generation approach we utilize on-site is very effective in interrupting the abusive cycle, helping families heal together, but we urgently need to adapt this approach for families scattered throughout Indianapolis. This grant would launch a mobile version of whole-family care—strengthening families, neighborhoods, and the Indianapolis community.

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