Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis Recognized as Indiana Philanthropy Association’s Outstanding Philanthropy Group of 2018

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Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis was named as the 2018 Outstanding Philanthropy Group by the Association of Fundraising Professionals – Indiana Chapter. Impact 100 Board member Roberta Jaggers nominated us. Board member emerita Donna Oklak presented the award. At the awards ceremony on November 15th, Terry A.M. Mumford, President of the Board of Directors, accepted the award on behalf of Impact 100 with these remarks.

“On behalf of the Board pf Directors of Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis and our members, I want to thank the AFP Indiana Chapter for this award.

“Being named as the Outstanding Philanthropy Group of 2018 is the perfect recognition for Impact 100. Individually, our members might be categorized as ordinary. But working together, as a group, we seek to make extraordinary grants. Our goal is to generate high-impact philanthropy by pooling the funds of women in our community and by selecting grantees who will tackle our community’s most challenging problems.

“Receiving this award comes at a very exciting time for us. This is our lucky 13th year. In 2018, we reached a record grant pool — $215,000 – and a record number of members – 276. With the grants that we awarded this year, we have given more than $2M to more than 50 non-profits since we made our first grant in 2006.

“Beyond the numbers, giving circles, like Impact 100, represent a special kind of philanthropy. A report issued this month analyzing how Giving Circle Membership Impacts Donors included these Key findings: As giving circles grow, they become more diverse in terms of age, income, and race; and they appeal to women who want to engage deeply in social causes. The report affirms previous research that giving circle members:

  • give more,
  • give more strategically and proactively,
  • give to a wider array of organizations,
  • volunteer more, and
  • are more likely to engage in civic activity.

“These findings are true for Impact 100. For us to continue to succeed, we must engage our members in the real work of understanding the problems facing our community, and we must reach out to more and more women. We must be smart, engaged, and diverse.

“So, with the inspiration that comes from receiving this award, I can assure you that Impact 100 will, as a group, use The Power of Women Giving as One ® to promote the spirit of philanthropy in Indiana.”

Terry A.M. Mumford, President, Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis

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