How Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis Is Adapting to Changes in 2020

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The Board of Directors of Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis has analyzed what steps should be taken to support nonprofits during the coronavirus pandemic while maintaining the integrity of our grant-making process.  After study and deliberation, the Board made the following decisions.

Impact 100 Will Broaden Our Impact

Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis was proud to announce in February that the 2020 grant pool had reached $200,000 and we planned to award two $100,000 Change-Maker grants. COVID-19 has changed our outlook. In order to broaden our impact in the Greater Indianapolis community and support more nonprofits, the Board has determined our giving circle will award one $100,000 Change-Maker Grant with the other finalists sharing equally in the balance of the grant pool. This change means all finalists receive significant grants, important during this uncertain time.

Impact 100 Will Continue Its Grant-Making Process Responsibly

The Board made several decisions to assure that the grant-making procedures continue, while remaining compliant with governmental guidelines, but also recognizing our nonprofits need more flexibility during this time. 

  • In keeping with the local and state guidelines, the five FACs are conducting, their grant analyses without in-person meetings. Site visits will also be conducted virtually.
  • To accommodate the new challenges faced by 2020 grant applicants, the deadline for submitting full grant proposals was extended to May 15, 2020. Those nonprofits who had already submitted their grant proposals were allowed the opportunity to revise their proposals within this timeframe.
  • Each FAC will select their Change-Maker Finalist in June.

Impact 100 Members Will Still Vote to Select the 2020 Change-Maker

The 15th Anniversary Annual Celebration, which was scheduled for June 9th, has been cancelled. However, the Board is committed to preserving one of the essential features of Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis: members determine the award recipients. Electronic voting used for absentee voters in the past will be extended to all voters. This ensures that, as has been the case for 15 years, all members may participate in selection of the 2020 nonprofit receiving the $100,000 Change Maker Grant for its impactful project. Here are more details about the revised selection process:

  • After the FACs announce their Change-Maker finalists, ballot information for each finalist will be prepared, including a video presentation, a proposal summary, and a project budget for each finalist. 
  • This information will be distributed to members via email (with necessary accommodations for any member who cannot receive the email). 
  • In July, the entire membership will have a week to vote electronically. 
  • A video announcing the 2020 Change-Maker will be sent to all members.

Impact 100 Will Share Information with Its Members

Through the newsletter and this website, the Board will share information and updates about the grant process, members, and future and current grantees. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Impact 100 Will Continue to Look to the Future

Throughout the last 15 years, Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis has sought to fund projects that make our community better and bolster philanthropy in Indiana. We know that 2021 is likely to be another challenging year for nonprofits in our community. While the Board is addressing community needs in 2020, we are aware that we will need our members’ support next year. We will be exploring the most effective ways to accomplish this and continue to support the nonprofits doing amazing things in our community long into the future.


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