Family Promise, 2020 Change Maker, Final Grant Report

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Family Promise of Hendricks County received $100,000 as Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis’ 2020 Change Maker for their PowerHouse Project. Julie Randall, Executive Director, submitted their final grant report in August 2021. The Grants Committee felt it was important to share what was reported.

The PowerHouse Project met the following goals:

  • Rehabbed five homes where formerly homeless families are now living.
  • Prevented homelessness for 47 families with the grant funds, and prevented homelessness for 720 families in the past year.
  • Ended homelessness for 12 families with Impact 100 funds, and ended homelessness for 120 families in the year since receiving the grant.
  • Secured 65 rental properties for the use of Family Promise that will continue to end homelessness.
  • Established relationships with 97 landlords.

Ms. Randall said, “Our overall goal in launching the PowerHouse Project was to ensure everyone has a home they can afford and the opportunity for economic stability. We are extremely pleased with the results and grateful for the funding that made this happen. The most important step was hiring staff that could lead the effort. Once new staff came aboard, we were able to secure additional units, build relationships with landlords and rehab homes. We were also able to provide rent assistance to keep struggling families in their homes.

“Collaborative efforts with landlords, local government, funders and property managers were 100% the reason this program is successful. We can throw money at problems all day, but without a coordinated community response, it is impossible for systemic change to occur.

“The largest impact of the grant was the ability create affordable housing. The town of Plainfield gave Family Promise a double that needed a little work. We were able to repair the units with the funds provided by Impact 100. We were then able to move in two moms and their children into the two units. They are survivors of domestic violence. We received a domestic violence housing grant after the Impact 100 award that will continue to help with rent and stability services.”

Like with many Change Maker Grant recipients, Family Promise continues to receive funding for the PowerHouse Project as a result of receiving the Impact 100 grant. They have received awards from two private funders and two state agencies totaling $500,000, and as they continue to receive funding for this project they have doubled the budget for 2021-22.

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