2022 Scholarship Members Announced

2022 Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis Scholarship Recipients are listed here with their current employer and their dream philanthropic project:

  • Carly Bias, TeenWorks, wants to build on programs designed for youth struggling with mental health, trauma, or stress to include more music and art therapy programs.
  • Samantha Breeling, FACE Low-Cost Animal Clinic, would create a low-cost, high-volume veterinary clinic specifically for the care of stray, outdoor cats in our city because the current need far outweighs what FACES and other providers can meet.
  • Marcela Cabello, a Master of Public Administration student at Syracuse University, would create a public green space and trail connecting the western edge of Marian County to downtown Indianapolis to address the lack of sidewalk and bike trails for commuting and recreation.
  • Rose Johnson, Girl Scouts of Central Indiana, envisions a free summer camp for kids who could not attend a camp otherwise, with a focus on developing both outdoor and social skills.
  • Jessica Knudsen-Bahney, Arts for Learning Indiana, wants to bring the Harlem Children’s Zone model to central Indiana with the purpose of breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty.
  • Laura Peterson, Marian University, would create programs to address food access issues by opening groceries/markets in food deserts with transportation and delivery services.
  • Sara Roque, Rock Steady Boxing (our 2010 Change Maker $100,000 Grant Recipient), envisions individualized projects for underserved populations to offer programs and services to improve their quality of life.
  • Erica Stickler, Purdue for Life Foundation, would start a foundation providing low-cost counseling/therapy in our community, ensuring everyone had access to affordable mental health resources.
  • Ginny Swale, Indianapolis Zoo, wants to focus on public messaging about animal welfare to address the lack of education regarding the proper care and respect for animals, partnering with shelters, clinics, law enforcement, and marketing agencies.

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