Set Up Recurring Payments

Note: A few important things to know about Recurring Payments:

  • You must set up an account in our database system Kindful to manage recurring payments (see Set Up a Kindful Account below). Even if you don’t want to set up recurring payments there are other benefits to having a Kindful account. Once you have a Kindful user account, you can to log into Kindful and check your current membership status to determine if you are up-to-date and make a payment or pledge for the upcoming year. You can also see all your donations since joining Impact 100. 
  • When you set up your recurring payment you have the opportunity to choose a payment method (credit card, bank withdrawal, or Apple/Google Pay) and how often you should be charged for your recurring payments (see Set Up a Recurring Payments below).
  • It is up to you to manually calculate the amount of each recurring payment (see Determine Your Recurring Payment Amount below). If you are unsure how to calculate it, contact us at and we will be happy to help.
  • Recurring membership payments can only be used to PREPAY your annual membership. Recurring payments made in 2022 go into the 2023 Grant Pool and are for 2023 membership. All payments for a membership the following year MUST be completed by December 31, so you need to divide your total donation by the number of payments you will make between the time you begin the payments and December 31 (see Determine Your Recurring Payment Amount below).
  • Once you have a user account set up, you can log into Kindful and can change the payment method, amount, frequency, or cancel a recurring transaction at any time. You will be reminded in January of each year to check your recurring payments so you can change the frequency and amount as needed.

Set Up a Kindful Account

  1. Go to and click in the upper right corner to Create an Account.
  2. Enter your email, name, and password and click Submit.
  3. Once in Kindful, you’ll be taken to your Dashboard. The Dashboard is where you can see an overview of your information in the system. If the email you entered matches one already in the system from prior donations, the information we already have for you will display. This includes information on previous donations.
  4. Once in Kindful, the left margin of the Kindful screen contains links to the information you can access through your account. For example, you can update your contact information in the Billing or see your previous donations by clicking on Activities.
  5. You can get back into Kindful at any time at and clicking on SignIn in the upper right-hand corner to enter your login information.

Set Up a Recurring Payment

  1. Once in Kindful, click on Donate on the top of the left margin to begin setting up a donation. 
  2. Choose the fund for your donation.
  3. You’ll be taken to the Payment Summary page, where you can enter the amount you want to be charged for each recurring payment.
  4. You can choose to help us by paying the transaction fees.
  5. Choose the frequency for the recurring transaction.
  6. If we don’t already have a payment method on file in Kindful, you’ll be asked to enter your payment information. Note: Your account information is NOT SAVED in Kindful and Impact 100 never sees it.

Determine Your Recurring Payment Amount

It is up to you to manually calculate the amount to be charged with each recurring payment. It should be the amount of your total donation divided by the number of payments you will make between now and December 31.

Recurring transactions can be set up for annually, quarterly, monthly, biweekly (twice a month), and weekly transactions.

Determining the amount for a recurring transaction is as simple as determining the amount of your donation (for membership donations this is $1000 for full; or $500, $334, or $250 for shared, plus any additional you wish to donate to our Leaders of the Future Scholarship fund or to help cover operating costs), and dividing it by the number of transactions that would be made between the start date and December 31.

For example,

  • If you have chosen $1250 as your total contribution and will make 5 payments between the start date and December 31, you need to divide $1250 by by 5, and enter $250 in the blank to replace $1250.
  • If you have chosen $1100 as your total contribution, and will make 5 payments, enter $220.
  • If you have chosen $1000 as your total contribution and will make 5 payments, enter $200.

The full amount of your membership donation MUST be received by December 31 of the year before your membership (December 31, 2022 to be a member in 2023).