Letters of Intent (LOIs) are the first step in the Impact 100 granting process. Applicants should review our granting process and meet our eligibility requirements before applying. It is important that you choose which Focus Area Committee (FAC) is best suited to review your LOI.

The deadline for submission of the 2024 LOI is December 15, 2023, by 5:00 p.m.

Each year we hold Nonprofit Information Sessions explaining our granting process to prepare nonprofits to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI). These three links provide the information shared at those sessions:

If you have questions at any time while completing a LOI, feel free to email us at grants@impact100indy.org. To expedite a response, please use the email subject “Questions Regarding 2024 LOI”.

Note: If you have previously submitted a LOI to Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis, you may notice the 2024 LOI is much more focused on high-level program/project information than in past years. The changes were made as the result of feedback from applicants and benchmarking against other granting organizations.

Submitting a Letter of Intent (LOI)

There are four steps to submitting an LOI: Click, Type, Save, and Send.

  1. Click this link to download the LOI form.
  2. Type your responses to fill in the LOI.
    • The LOI may open in Viewing Only and/or Protected View. Click the Enable Editing button at the top of the page to be open it.
    • The LOI will expand as you enter your information, but do not let your finished document go over five pages.
    • You do not have access to format text you type in the document, so if you want to format your text in any way (bold, italic, underline, create lists, etc.), you should create and format it to your liking in a word processor and then cut and paste it into the form.
    • Be sure to save your LOI often.
  3. Save the LOI as a PDF, using the naming conventions provided below.
    • It is important that you follow the naming conventions below to ensure your LOI submission is easily identified and managed by our reviewers.
  4. Send the LOI PDF as an attachment in an email to Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis:
    • Send to: Send the email to grants@impact100indy.org.
    • Subject: Use the LOI PDF file name (named following the naming conventions below) as the subject of the email. The subject line is important to ensure your LOI does not get misplaced or overlooked. Do not type anything in front of the file name.
    • Body of email: You don’t have to enter a message in the email, but if the email of the contact person differs from the email of the sender, please note that so we know which email to use if we have questions about the LOI or the LOI submission.

Naming Conventions

It is important to follow our naming conventions for both the LOI you submit and the subject line of your email. This allows us to quickly and easily identify which submission is for which FAC and who submitted it without having to open the file/email.

The naming conventions are as follows:


FAC is to be replaced with a short name for the FAC to review your LOI:

  • Arts: Arts, Culture, & Preservation
  • Educ: Education
  • Enviro: Environment & Animal Welfare
  • Family: Family
  • Health: Health & Wellness

NFP is to be replaced with the name of the nonprofit submitting the LOI (you can use a shortened version of your NFP name)

Examples of file names and email subject created using these naming conventions:

  • Clean Earth Society submitting a LOI to the Environment & Animal Welfare FAC:
  • Beautiful & Lovely Buildings Worth Saving submitting a LOI to the Arts, Culture, & Preservation FAC:
    2024LOI-Arts-BeautifulLovelyBuildings.pdf or 2024LOI-Arts-BLBuildings.pdf