Dove Recovery House for Women Follow the Impact at the August First Thursday Virtual Lunch

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A dozen women of Impact convened on August 6, 2020, for our August First Thursday Virtual Lunch. Wendy Noe, Executive Director of Dove Recovery House, updated us on the program’s successes and challenges. Wendy has devoted her career to nonprofits, working with The Julian Center, United Way, the Domestic Violence Network, and the Indiana Affiliate of Susan G. Komen. Then in December 2014, Wendy became Executive Director of Dove Recovery House and is closing in on her 6th year in that leadership role. 

Dove Recovery House is Marion County’s largest substance abuse recovery center for women. Since 2000, hundreds of women have made Dove House their home as they seek recovery from substance abuse and addiction. Dove Recovery House is well known to the longer-term members of Impact 100 because it was one of our Change Maker finalists in 2012 and 2016, but for many on the call this was their first opportunity to learn about Dove House.Wendy shared a detailed, informative PowerPoint presentation (click here to see it). Here are a few highlights :

  1. Dove Recovery House was founded in 2000 and moved to its new location in 2015. The capacity is 40 women/night. There is a 73% success rate for women who complete the program. The success rate is 40-50% higher than detox programs.
  2. Dove Recovery House helps women with substance abuse disorder.  But the breadth of treatment goes far beyond substance abuse. The vast majority of the women in treatment have a history of trauma.  Dove Recovery offers a continuum of care, including assistance in finding work and finding housing. The program tries to remove barriers to success. It is free to stay there until the Dove starts working, when 30% of income goes to rent.
  3. Dove Recovery House has now been certified as a Medicaid provider, which will help defray future expenses. However, the cost of that certification was a hit to its budget.
  4. COVID-19 has had an impact on the Dove Recovery program. After having to reduce operations substantially in March, the program opened up 100% in May, and is currently at 60% capacity.
  5. COVID-19 has impacted the women with substance abuse disorder.  There has been a 50% increase in overdoses this year. Relapses are increasing because women with substance abuse disorder rely on their community for support. Those community connections have been limited. Wendy was very distressed to report that a long-term Dove died from overdose this week.

Impact 100 members are invited to support Dove Recovery through direct donations,  its Amazon Wish List, and participating in its on-line dessert auction.  For more information, go to and follow Dove Recovery House on Facebook. 

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